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The trouble is, you think you have time.
- Buddha 

End of Life Angels provides information and support around everything you need to consider before leaving this life. 


Many people don't realise that you can be in complete control of the end of your life, and can put all of your plans in place well before you need them.  This ensures your loved ones never have to wonder if they're doing the right thing - as you will have made all the decisions yourself!

And if you're leaving behind furry family, we can help you feel confident that your wishes will be honoured after you're gone.

End of Life Angels is made up of caring and compassionate team of individuals who want to make sure this major occasion in your life and the life of your family is handled with loving and experienced hands.

Whether it be making sure all of the paperwork is prepared and lodged in line with legal obligations, to arranging a vigil and ensuring everyone understands the arrangements, to managing the final resting place or cremation, End of Life Angels will calmly take the stress out what is often a highly emotional experience.


Everyone is different, but deep down we probably all share the same desire to be surrounded by love and understanding at what is often a moment that is feared, our death.

We will listen to your thoughts and feelings, assist with the preparation of documents to support your wishes, and when the time comes, carefully manage your requests while supporting those you love the most.  Confirming your wishes will remove decision stress points for your loved ones, and provide exactly the experience you want, removing any reason for argument, hurt and upset.


In talking to friends about her experience with the death of her father, Patsy Bingham soon realised that she had experienced something relatively rare, but truly wonderful - the death of a loved one which brought joy rather than pain and emotional anxiety.  Patsy's approach is compassionate and thoughtful, while her business background allows her to get straight to the heart of what it is her clients need and what still needs to be planned.  Patsy believes that everyone, especially the dying, should have their opportunity to be heard and have their wishes followed during the final chapter of their life.  Patsy is determined that you and those you love should cherish the experience they have at this incredibly important time.

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